I'm Stephanie.

I'm really laid back but I have a huge thirst for learning new things. Let me give you a quick rundown of who I am: 


✅ I absolutely LOVE building bots 🤖 in ManyChat (I'm kind of a bot nerd 🤓)

✅ I have a major passion for digital marketing & strategy (Again... I'm a nerd 🤓)

✅ I love music... 🎵🎵my headphones are my best friend

✅ A perfect Friday night for me is hanging with my two sons and my husband (they keep me young 🤪!)

✅Making a huge impact in my community actually means something to me ✊✊✊(you'll see more of this later).


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Why do you need a chatbot?

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  • Save time, money and resources on things that can be quickly automated (and do it faster than email!)

  • Create better relationships with your customers that keep them coming back to buy from you.

  • Grow your profits and push your customer through funnels with irresistible offers.

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